Monday, August 19, 2013


Very greedy lionfish,
gobbling up
shrimp, crab, and reef fish.

They deliver a painful sting
that can produce
severe swelling.

A threat, a nuisance,
that cannot be eliminated.
But, they’re tasty.

If you can’t beat them, eat them.
They are here to stay
Make the best of it.
© 2012 Catherine Giordano 

The Orlando Sentinel had an article about lionfish in last week's paper and it reminded me of this poem from January 4, 2012 that I never posted. They are still a problem.

7/24/14: More news about lionfish in the Orlando Sentinel.  This time it is about a cookbook for lionfish. Sales of the book benefit marine conservation. This book would make a great gift for divers, fishers and chefs. If you are interested in learning more about culinary solutions to other invasive plants and animals, check out .

Click here for more on lionfish

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