Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Our Community Will Heal

by Catherine Giordano  
Orlando Sentinel
The front page
of the Orlando Sentinel

The horror.
The outrage.
The grief.

The worst mass shooting
in American history.

A heinous act of brutality.
A massacre of 50 souls.
The wounding of dozens more.

A community in mourning.
Coming together,
To honor and remember the dead,
To comfort their families

Uniting, Enduring,
in the midst of tragedy.
Orlando strong!

© Catherine Giordano
June 2012

Every now and then, something so noteworthy happens that I feel compelled to make note of it with a news print poem.  The terrorist attack on a nightclub in Orlando, Florida in the early hours of Sunday morning (around 2 AM), June 12, 2016 was that type of event. On the following Monday, The Orlando Sentinel printed a front page stand-alone editorial which became the basis of this poem.