Friday, April 27, 2012

High-Tech TurtleTrek

Sea change at SeaWorld Orlando.
The new TurtleTrek attraction,
a virtual undersea environment.

A shark, a fishing boat with nets,
a threatening bird
swarm above
and around
theme park guests.

Cutting edge technology
at SeaWorld Orlando
does not mean a change in strategy.
SeaWorld Orlando
does “real” better than other attractions.

The technical aspects
of TurtleTrek
are creative;
34 projectors
all syncing together.

Turtles have a great story to tell.
Technology helps tell that story
making it as real as possible.

© 2012 Catherine Giordano

SeaWorld Orlando is my favorite theme park.  It’s less crowded, more peaceful—at least it was when I used to take my son there when he was young.  I hope SeaWorld is careful about adding rides and high-tech elements.  I like the “real”--like watching the manatees. And I could stay in the Penguin House for hours.