Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thrice as Nice

Blended scotch,
triple-malt scotch,
big blends,
popular for their consistency
not their exclusivity.

A triple malt scotch named
Monkey Shoulder,
named after a injury
among distillery
workers of yore.

After hours of hand-turning malt
with a wooden shovel,
it felt as if
there was a monkey
on their shoulder.

Monkey Shoulder,
now available nationally,
is a blend of some of the finest
single malts in Scotland’s
Speyside  region.

A region known for incredibly
soft, smooth, and sweet whiskey.
The key is definitely
the flavor—a malty character,
lots of vanilla,

and fruity floral aspects.
It’s about picking.
and choosing.
always trying,
to get the best bits.

© Catherine Giordano

To your health!