Friday, April 20, 2012

A Global Peek

Kyle Ruddick had this gigantic idea—
Create a movie
in which the entire world was the star.

The result is “One Day on Earth”
a documentary screening globally
on Sunday, Earth Day.

Ruddick persuaded people
in every country
to video the world around them.

Births of babies,
Soldiers marching,

Children playing,
Athletes competing,
Famers laboring,

And countless people simply going
about their lives in ways
both mundane and sublime.

There are things intrinsic
to being human—
the challenges we are facing.

We have to realize
that we are part of humanity
interconnected in this struggle.

A film about one day on earth.
When people see it
they feel a deeper connection.

A deeper connection to other people,
the other people
who share this planet.
© 2012 Catherine Giordano

The film took a year of editing to cull 110 minutes out of 3,000 hours of footage.  On Sunday, the film will be shown at the United Nations as well as in 160 countries around the world.  It will be shown at 6pm at AMC Downtown Disney.

 The way to peace is to put peace into the hearts of 7 billion people.  This film may help do that.