Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trayvon Martin Case: Whose Voice is Yelling for Help?

The feet of hundreds
pounding the pavement of Sanford.
Apathy won’t be an option.

“We want an arrest.”
“Shot in the chest.”
“I am Trayvon Martin.”

The Trayvon Martin controversy:
a debate about self-defense.
A central question—
who was crying for help?

A leading expert
analyzed the recordings.
The result:
It was not Zimmerman.

Zimmerman claims self defense.
Zimmerman says he was screaming for help.
The evidence tells a different story.

You can say with scientific certainty.
It was not Zimmerman.
Without a doubt.

If Zimmerman was the aggressor,
if Zimmerman provoked the fight,
that is manslaughter.

Prosecutors have to prove
that Zimerman set into motion
an unbroken chain of events.

If Zimmerman were convicted
he would face a possible
thirty- year prison sentence.

 The analysis of the 911 recordings is conclusive. Zimmerman is lying.  From the beginning I said, “Why don’t they do voice analysis?”  The Orlando Sentinel finally did.

I pulled today’s poems from three separate news articles splicing them into the poem in sequence—taking lines from one article, then lines from the second article and then conclusing with the third article.

© 2012 Catherine Giordano

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