Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Governor Scott's First Year

How did this happen?
Check out the book.
Governor Rick Scott,

Florida’s first CEO Governor,
rode into office
pledging to slash taxes,
reduce the size of government,
and create 700,000 jobs.

Scott shocked!
Approval ratings abysmal!

Overhaul advisors!
     Shift objectives!
         Ramp up fundraising!
              Rehabilitate image! 

A governor’s powers
are more limited
than a CEO’s.

Running a state—
it turns out—
is not always
like running a business.

Govern differently.
     Reach beyond tea-party base.
         Listen to the citizens of the state.

Take your opportunity.
     Try to make change …
          in the time you have.

Rick Scott has the lowest approval ratings of any governor in the country.

© Catherine Giordano 2012
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