Saturday, July 21, 2012

Terror Unfolds in Colorado

All hell breaks loose
at a midnight screening
of the latest Batman movie.
“The Dark Knight Rises.”

A young man slips into a packed theater,
dressed in dark head-to-toe body armor,
helmet, gas mask, vest, and throat guard,
armed with a combat arsenal.
He sprays the theater with gunfire,
calmly shooting people,
seemingly at random,
men, women, and children.
The movie continues to run,
the gunman in front of the screen.
A smoky, surrealistic scene.
Seventy people shot.
The largest mass shooting,
the largest number of people hit by gunfire
in American criminal history,
victims bloodied, victims killed.

An unbearably savage event.
The Columbine killings in a high school, the Virginia Tech killings in a college, the Gabriel Giffords killings in a supermarket parking lot, and now these killings in a movie theater.   How many more killing sprees before we institute more restrictive gun control laws?
© 2012 Catherine Giordano 

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