Thursday, September 13, 2012

Libya, Obama, and Romney

The attack:
A small group of militants
arriving late at night,
unleashing a fusillade,
from rifles,
from rocket-propelled grenades.

The U.S Consulate:
Torched and ransacked
on the anniversary
of September 11th .

The dead:
the U.S. ambassador
and other Americans.

President Barrack Obama:
vows to bring
the killers to justice.

Republican Mitt Romney:
criticizes Obama,
politicizes a tragedy.

Romney’s attack of Obama, as usual, had no acquaintance with the “reality-based” world.  The timing of his attack (while the embassy was still under fire), the content of his attack (based on misinformation), and his reiteration of the attack (after he was given the correct information) have been soundly rebuked, even by his fellow Republicans.
© 2012 Catherine Giordano
This picture of the attack in Libya and the U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens (age 52), who died in the line of duty, is from