Saturday, September 15, 2012

GOP Lacks Blacks

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America’s quadrennial political caucuses—
Two distinct nations.

Democrats displayed
a diverse gumbo
ladled from America’s melting pot.

Republicans dished up
New England clam chowder;
diversity scarce in the heart of whiteness.

The polls show Romney
taking a shellacking
among black voters;
94 percent to zero..

For Romney, white is all right.
Romney could grind out
a narrow win from older
white male voters—
The Republicans’ Southern Strategy.  

As Clinton said, arithmetic: 94 +  0 = 94.  Where is the other 6% --undecided or “none of the above.”

Obama will win if everyone who wants America to move forward, not backward, gets out and votes.  Don’t let them suppress your vote. I want Obama to win in a landslide to show the country that voter suppression will not work.
© 2012 Catherine Giordano