Friday, July 27, 2012

Ice Storm

Lime sorbet summer ices
Lime Sorbet--an icy treat

Sweltering summer heat.
Chill out.
Relief is an icy treat.

Shaved ice,
crushed ice,
churned ice,
firm, slushy, or icy,
drizzled with syrup,
or flavored with fruit.

Granita, Ice pops,
Italian ice, Water ice
Shaved ice, like fine snow,
Snow cone, Sorbet, and
Sorbetto, soft and sweet.

Summer’s scorching heat
tempered with a chilly treat.

I like to keep them in the freezer—either homemade or store-bought.  It is also a sweet little treat to stop at Jeremiahs Original Italian Ice and buy one of the sumptuous desserts made on the premises. 
CLICK HERE to make ice treats at home

© 2012 Catherine Giordano


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