Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Cars of Summer

This is a picture of a 1965 Ford Mustang, not the 2012 model.  It comes from  Go ahead--submit to the wave of nostalgia washing over you right now. Add caption

Summer is in full swing.
Enjoy the sun,
and feel the wind in your hair. 
Put the top down,
and take a ride.

Marzda Miata—
the affordable two-seat roadster,
a paragon of refinement and reliability,
fun to drive;
economical to own.

maxi driving thrills.
It handles like a go-kart,
with quick precise steering,
and a lot of fun retro details.

Chevrolet Camaro—
a modern muscle car:
power, fuel economy,
and it looks
seductively retro.

Fiat 500—
as cuddly as a basket of puppies.
A comfortable ride,
tons of style,
enough power to move with brio.

Ford Mustang—
a classic American stallion.
The allure of horsepower
and classic looks.
It’s perfect for any corral.

The cars of summer—
today’s drop-tops.
Go topless.
Put the top down
and take a ride.

I remember as a child, the family would pile into the Rambler and we would go for a ride.  We didn’t go anyplace, we just went for a ride.

© Catherine Giordano 2012

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