Monday, October 29, 2012

Souls to the Polls

 A line of cars,
               church buses
               backed up for blocks.

Voters participating Sunday
in “Souls to the Polls”—
an early-voting tradition. 

The traditional day
for early-voting
is the Sunday
just before Election Day.

This year Florida shortened
the number of days
for early-voting,
eliminating that Sunday.

You can take a Sunday away,
but you can’t take away
 Our Vote!
Our Voice!
The procession of vehicles parked.
The people walked.

Dark suits, long dresses,
jeans and dress slacks,
heels, sandals, and sneakers.

They walked the narrow path in the grass.
They walked across the railroad tracks.
They walked past the political signs.
They walked like they were in a parade.

It was amazing to see
the unity in the community.
Today was about coming together.

The image of a parade of mostly African-American people (Hispanics and Muslims
participated too) proudly marching to the polls to cast their votes gets me misty-eyed. 
It brings back memories of the civil rights marches. Shame on the Florida Legislature
for trying to interfere with this tradition! Kudos to the churches for refusing to be deterred.
© 2012 by Catherine Giordano

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