Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy Slams

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Hurricane Sandy
Cyclone Sandy roared ashore,
paralyzing the nation’s epicenters of power
plunging small coastal communities into crisis.

Cyclone Sandy crashed ashore--
a freak event–a late-season hurricane,
hemmed in by weather bands,

gobbling up the energy of the Gulf Stream,
raking the coast, growing into
a ragged thousand-mile storm,

growing in power, pushing a wall
of seawater onto shore,
forcing rivers to run backwards.

A plodding ogre of a storm,
casting tropical storm winds
from the Carolinas to Maine.

A threat to millions,
substantial storm surge, high winds,
a week of misery for the Northeast.

It seems the hurricanes are passing Florida by and smacking the North.

 © 2012 Catherine Giordano
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