Friday, October 12, 2012

War on Reality

This picture comes from
a well known liberal bias.*

of those jokes,
that isn’t.

of those barbs,
that allows
you to see
with clarity.

The Conservative War on Reality.

We cannot debate ideology
Order from
if we do not have a body
of facts in common.

The Legacy of the War on Reality.

Facts? Optional!
Reality? Multiple choice!
Questions? Part of a conspiracy!

We have only one country;
we may not share the same reality,
but we share the same fate.

I sometimes wish we could have alternate universes. I’d live in the one where liberal ideals prevailed and laugh at the one where conservatives live, one that resembles the Middle ages—a theocracy where lords dominate the serfs.

In my fantasy, I say, “Go ahead and vote for Romney.  You’ll get what you deserve.” But I don’t live in an alternate universe.  I live in the same country and I have to share their fate.

© 2012 Catherine Giordano

*An observation made by Stephen Colbert.

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