Monday, October 15, 2012


This picture of the London Eye observation wheel is from
reinventing the wheel,
the giant observation wheel,
for Orlando’s International Drive.

Observation wheels:
The Seattle Great Wheel.
The Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel.
Icons du jour.

The massive London Eye,
hundreds of feet taller 
than a standard ferris wheel.

Check out the sights
to see in London
Large enclosed capsules,
holding up to 40 people—
quasi rides;
quasi social hubs.

You can have a party.
can ride, from the youngest
to the oldest.

In Las Vegas,
the High Roller and the Skyvue.
In Orlando,
the I-Drive Live Wheel.

Huge observation wheels, resembling a ferris wheel, but as tall as a sky scraper.   It might be fun to ride one, but on second thought, even normal ferris wheels make me nervous.  Maybe I’ll just keep my feet on old terra firma and watch.
2012 Catherine Giordano

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