Sunday, July 15, 2012

America Has Good Values Too

I can’t dispute that  
un-Christian behaviors
exist in our society.

Un-Christian behaviors
exist  in every society.
every where,
throughout the eons.

like every other society,
every where.
throughout the eons

also has love,
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kindness, nurturing, hope
faithfulness, helpfulness,
self-sacrifice, honor,

altruism, forgiveness,
honesty, compassion,
ethics, and goodness
of every kind.

How sad it is
to only see
the ugly.

This came from a letter to the editor. The letter was written by … me.  I wrote in response to the July 12th guest column that became the subject of my poem for July 12. 

This poem may sound familiar because the letter I sent to the newspaper was taken from my comment on the July 12th poem.

The picture that I used to illustrate the July 12th poem was what inspired the letter to the letter. What an interesting chain of events.

© 2012 Catherine Giordano

I went looking for a picture that celebrates America.  After I selected this one, I saw url.  How cool is it that this picture came from