Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hunger Seder

A hunger awareness seder
makes the community focus on hunger.

Passover celebrates the Israelites escape
from slavery.

The hunger Seder emphasizes liberation
from starvation.

At the hunger seder,
we remember those who have nothing to eat.

At the hunger seder,
we recite the ten plagues of hunger.

The seder without food,
to think about those who aren’t eating.

So many go hungry,
yet everyday food is thrown away.

The participants in a hunger seder make pledges to seek out the hungry and provide them with food, to work to persuade community leaders to provide programs to feed the hungry, and to create a world where people are free of hunger.

These are pledges that we all can take, not just at Passover, but throughout the year.  Perhaps, as we sit down to every meal.

© 2012  Catherine Giordano

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