Sunday, February 19, 2012

NBA, NASCAR, Traffic

Central Florida—

The center of the sports universe--

the NBA All Star Game in Orlando

and NASCAR’s The Datona 500.

The events are sure

to boost area


and snarl traffic

as fans cross paths

On infamous Interstate 4.

Be patient.

It will be fun—

 once you get there.

An exciting weekend for the city,

good for everybody;

great visibility

for this town.

All night parties,

appearances by celebrities,

high-profile festivities.

Taxis, buses

limousines and cars,

bringing people to the arena.

Security checkpoints,

bomb-sniffing dogs,

law-enforcement agencies--

Orlando on the ready.

Will it be perfect?


But—it will go well.

February 26 will be a good day to stay home with a good book.  Perhaps a poetry book? Perhaps my poetry book, “The Poetry Connection”?

© 2012 Catherine Giordano  
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