Sunday, February 5, 2012

Obama Focused

The Audacity of Hope
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Four years ago

Obama ran on hope and change.

This time,
unlderline the hope,
lowercase the change.

Chearleader in chief. 

An overall optimistic tone,
with just the right balance
between optimism
and realism.

Find the sweet spot.

Newt Gingrich declared,
“America is decaying.”
Mitt Romney called the nation
a “virtual Titanic.” 

Believe in America.

An incumbent has to err
on the side of optimism.
A challenger has to sell
the need for change.

Obama pays tribute to the country.

The president has
a hopeful message.
Republicans can be as
apocalyptic as doomsday. 

Stick to talk about the future.

© 2012 Catherine Giordano

I like this poem because it expresses my belief that people are going to get tired of Republicans bad-mouthing America.

2/6/2016 Update
It's interesting to look back four years ago today when I was doing my News Print Poetry project.  Obama was going to be the Democratic nominee and the Republicans were fighting it out to determine who their nominee would be. The Republicans were bad-mouthing America and they are doing it again.