Sunday, August 10, 2014

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Blackout Poem poetry Woman
A Blackout Poem
by Catherine Giordano

I thought this rare edition of Volume 1 Number 1of Poetry--A Magazine of Verse from 1912 would be a suitable canvas for a black out poem.

There were only a limited number of words to work with, but I think I eked out a small poetic sentiment.

Blackout poetry is an example of found poetry, just as my new print poems are examples of found poetry. There are many other techniques.

I wrote a brief introduction to found poetry explaining the various techniques.  Click to read it:

The verse reads:

   One Unknown
          Symphony of 
                                                the motive

Don't worry. A priceless historical artifact of poetry was not defaced to create this poem.  It was all done digitally.

Poetry aq Magazine of Verse Cover Volume 1, number 1
The original magazine cover
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