Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hate is Alive and Well

Hate GroupsRacism is pushing up daisies?
Marcus Faella didn’t get the memo.

The self-proclaimed “protector
of the white race” was whipping
his troops into shape for Helter Skelter.

On Faella’s Osceola County’s
 “Aryan compound,” the white supremacist group,
American Front, was stockpiling
AK-47 assault rifles, was engaging
in para-militarty training, and was plotting

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to develop bio-chemical
weapons of mass destruction.

The reputed end game: killing
Jews, immigrants and minorities,  
during the “upcoming race war.”

Racism  is over?
Only it isn’t. 
And sadly, never really has been.
Racial-hatred like crab grass,
keeps coming back fouling
America’s neatly manicured
melting-pot curb appeal.

Obviously, hate mongers
are a breed apart.  Yet their toxic beliefs
can infect larger elements of society.

It’s na├»ve to believe we can conquer
racial hatred by denying its existence.

© 2012 Catherine Giordano

Members of the American Front, a hardcore skinhead hate group, were arrested on May 8th due to the efforts of an infiltrator.  They were plotting to blow up Orlando City Hall among other things.

9/8/Update:  Mark Faella's trial starts this week. He could get life in prison.

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