Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama Endorses Gay Marriage: Historic Declaration

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President Barack Obama endorses same sex marriage
a milestone for gay rights,
a first from a sitting president,
and a powerful tail wind for same sex marriage.

President Barack Obama’s support of gay marriage
drew strong reactions from both sides of the issue.

“President Barack Obama bravely exhibited leadership.
It is refreshing to see a world leader take a firm stand.”

“President Barack Obama is definitely pandering.
He’s trying to reach out to his left base.”

“I respect his honesty; this is his true view.
I respect that he’s willing to say what he believes.”

This is an amazing and historic day.
The majority of people across the country
support equality and fairness under the law.
Gay couples want to marry because they love each other.

It is an amazing and historic day. I knew that my poem today had to be on this topic.  I combined two news stories for this poem—the first stanza come from the story above the fold, the remainder comes from the story below the fold.

© 2012 Catherine Giordano

May 14, 2014: Gay marriage is now legal in 17 states and is awaiting court decisions in other states.

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