Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Teary Obama

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We've endured too many
of these tragedies
in the past few years.

Each time I react not as a president,
but as anybody else would—

And that was especially true today.
I know there's not a parent in America
who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief.

The majority of those who died
were children—
beautiful, little kids.

They had their entire lives ahead of them —
birthdays, graduations,
weddings, kids of their own.

Among the fallen were teachers,
men and women who devoted their lives
to helping our children fulfill their dreams."

So our hearts are broken today
for the parents and grandparents,
for the sisters and brothers
for the families of those who were lost."

Our hearts are broken today
for the parents of the survivors,
blessed as they are
to have their children home tonight.

They know that their children's innocence
has been torn away from them too early
and there are no words
that will ease their pain."

As a country,
we have been through this too many times.
an elementary school in Newtown,
a shopping mall in Oregon,
a temple in Wisconsin,
a movie theater in Aurora,
r a street corner in Chicago.

These neighborhoods
are our neighborhoods;
these children are our children.

We’ll hug our children a little tighter,
we'll tell them that we love them,
we'll remind each other how deeply
we love one another.

May God bless
the memory of the victims
and heal the brokenhearted
and bind up their wounds.

I took the text of Obama’s speech to the nation about the massacre in Connecticut and condensed it a little and inserted line breaks to achieve this poem. It was a very poetic and beautiful speech.

My thoughts kept returning to two things.  In the Orlando Sentinel yesterday, printed before the shooting happened, the paper printed a tweet from Andy Borowitz: “Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I wish mental health care was as easy to get as say, a gun.”

The other thought was about the Christmas presents the families of these slain children probably had hidden in their closets, all wrapped and ready for Christmas morning, the parents imagining the joy on their children’s faces when they opened these presents, these presents that these children will now never receive.

© 2012 Catherine Giordano

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