Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pirate Action Group

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Welcome to the Pirate Action Group.
Pirate Jamal wishes to congratulate you on being hijacked.
Kindly speak to our negotiator about your ransom.

The pirates of the African Coast doing business.
The pirates
    . . . have paperwork
          . . . on letterhead
                 . . . in memo format.

“Having seen when my Pirate Action Group
had controlled over your valuable vessel.

“We are saying to you welcome
 to Jamal’s Pirate Action Group.

“You have to follow by our law
to return back your vessel and crew safely.”

The reality of today’s pirates.

I found this picture at
Today’s pirates are business men, but just as deadly as the swashbucklers of a few centuries ago.  They were responsible for 35 deaths in 2011.  The part of the poem in quotes, ridiculous syntax and all, is quoted from an actual ransom letter.

 © 2012 Catherine Giordano

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