Thursday, August 23, 2012

Legitimate Lunkheads

I found this picture at
Offensive, downright stupid, remarks.

“Victims of legitimate rape rarely get pregnant.” 

“The female reproductive system shuts down.” 

You have to wonder,
what in the world is “legitimate rape”?

Insulting, inexcusable, dumb comments.

Voters deserve better.

Republican Todd Akin, running for senator of Missouri told the nation that a woman can’t get pregnant due to rape.  What? He says he “misspoke.”  What?

to look inside
Akin knew exactly what he was saying. If he actually believed it, and was not just saying to score political points with the rabid “no-abortions-ever-for-any-woman-for-any-reason” crowd, the man is a moron.

In keeping with my mission to write about important events, I’ve been trying to do a poem on this subject for days. I finally got an article in the Orlando Sentinel with words that I could use.

 © 2012 Catherine Giordano

Update 7/10/14: Todd Aiken is back.  He has a book now. And he takes back his apology. He doubles down on his comments about legitimate rape.